MALE MODELS, Regular Work For Bait & Tackle®, In Las Vegas
(Tropicana And Arville)
Get paid $15+ per hour as a webcam model!

We need male webcam models for our studio here in Las Vegas.
Get paid $15 per hour PLUS gifts from your fans PLUS money bonuses based on performance while working from the comfort of our Las Vegas-based studio (just west of the Strip).

  • Good looking
  • Physically fit
  • At least 18 years of age
  • Engaging personality
  • Experience not required
  • Willing to follow directions
Bait & Tackle:
  • In Vegas since 2005
  • Will pay you $15 per hour (+ bonuses based on performance)
  • Fun environment
  • Offering the best job you'll likely ever have

To apply, email in at least two recent photos of yourself, including one clear face photo (no sunglasses, no hat) and one shirtless photo to
Our studio is here in Vegas, just west of the Strip, and the first step is to email at least TWO RECENT photos of yourself to . One photo should be a clear picture of your face and the other should be shirtless. Bathroom mirror selfies are fine.

We'll take a look at those and get back to you.

Include your contact information (name, age, phone, etc.) and if you have any unusual skills, feel free to include that, too.

After we determine that you're a potential match for our casting needs, we'll schedule an on-camera test at our studio where you'll be paid $100. It takes under three hours from start to finish, and it'll let us gauge whether you're a fit for webcam work.

Our best performers have the option, too, to do on-location work in places like Hawaii and California.

It all starts, though, with an email from you. Send up to five photos of yourself in today. We'll get back to you, and hopefully you'll be coming in to meet us in person soon!

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